Copyright © 2005-2013 EC Brothers Inc. T/A Bio Trading Group. All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2005-2013 EC Brothers Inc. T/A Bio Trading Group. All rights reserved.
Frequently Asked Questions
Does Bio Window Film interfere with signals?
None of our automotive (Charcoal, HQ, OZ Ceramic) and residential film interfere with signals. Such as radio,
cell-phones, navigations and etc.

Will my tinted windows stop all interior fading?
Our film will provide up to 98% against Ultra Violet (UV), and will protect from fading interior.

Does Bio Window Film turn to a purple color?
Bio Window Film does not fade in color such as purple.

Where can I purchase my Bio Window Film?
As of right now, we currently have distribution centers across the United States. You can contact any of the dealers
closest to you. If you are in a location where any of our distributors is not in reach, you can contact headquarters and we
will send it directly from our warehouse. You can find our information at our 'Contact Us' page.

How can I become a Bio distributor in my area?
Bio Window Film has put up an online application. You can go to the page by first going to our 'Contact Us' page, and at
the top right, you will see a link to 'Apply to become a Distributor'. Fill out the application, answer all questions and
sumbit. Your application within
5 business days.

Is window film applied on the inside or outside?
Window Film is applied on the inside of a vehicle, residential building, or commercial building.

Does Bio Film provide any security film against natural disasters?
Yes, we provide safety film available in 4 Mil, 7 Mil, and 12 Mil. You can learn more about our Security film at our Products

Can I install Bio Window Film myself?
Bio Window Film is designed for professional tint specialists. We distribute our film to authorized dealers only. But, after
few practices and lessons, you will be able to apply the film. For any other questions or concerns, feel free to call our toll
free number at

What size do we carry for our window film?
We carry 20" X 100'; 24" X 100'; 36" X 100'; 40" X 100'; and 60" X 100'.
Custom cuts are also available.

Will window film help reduce my Energy Bill?
Yes. During the winter, the film will prevent heat escaping outside, keeping your car, home, or business warmer. During
the summer, the tint will help block the sun energy, and UV rays keeping your vehicle, or building cooler, therefore less

Any other questions or concerns, feel free to email, mail or call us at:
Bio Trading Group
29 Mountain Road
Pasadena, MD 21122