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Back Window Battle Kit
Mini Swiper*
Magic Wand*
Side Swiper*
Slim Foot
ONLY $115.00
(Full retail value at $185.00 saving $70.00)
competitor's retail cost +/- $210.00
Every installer has a battle with some back
windows, either space is limited, tools won't
reach, or not enough leverage to get out the
water moisture. This kit is our main back
window tint kit that every tinter must have to
beat that back window install!
Stroke Doctor*
Extended razor
blade scraper w/
screwing feature
The Scrubber*
w/ end
Thick scrub pad*
(10" X 5")
Glass Safe
Extended Titan XD
3-Piece Extended w/ Curved ends
(left, center, right)
White extended w/
curve end
I-Beam Handle*
or Long
(slide in only)
White Slammer